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Zeno by ATPI is a revolutionary online booking tool in the corporate travel sector. Finally, a product that eliminates the need to compromise between the business and the individual. It gives travellers the experience they deserve, and travel managers the compliance they desire. It’s arming your people with the best technology in the market.


  Travel managers can track spend, trends and policy, while travellers can enjoy freedom and choice – with a personalised experience unique to each user. Its power lies in the machine learning capabilities, learning the traveller preferences to predict upcoming trips.    

By plugging in content from its marketplace, Zeno by ATPI will help reduce any leakage caused through bookings made outside of your corporate policy, through one simple intuitive platform.

No more compromises. Zeno by ATPI.



60% list cost control as their #1 priority. 

Zeno by ATPI provides visibility of corporate spend across all categories, with a centralised travel marketplace connecting travellers with preferred suppliers from pick-up to drop-off. Actionable insight highlights potential lost savings and drives best fare selection during the booking process, not after.

You can't control what you can't see.



47% cite compliance as their priority.

Drive compliance through high user adoption
across all phases of travel with business
protocols invisibly applied, to allow ‘freedom
within a framework’. Travel policies and
approval workflows are seamlessly integrated
to make the end-to-end process frictionless.

Goodbye leakage


31% identify traveller satisfaction as key to a travel programme success. 

Zeno by ATPI’s easy to use interface takes the work out of corporate travel with self-service capability to reduce business admin costs. You won’t lose your travellers to or leisure travel sites anymore when the search, booking and management process is this intuitive, responsive and aware.

A jaw-droppingly simple tool 






Zeno by ATPI for travel managers

Tracking spend, trends and policy has never been easier with Zeno by ATPI. Due to its intuitive interface and through gentle cost saving prompts traveller satisfaction and compliance will be improved dramatically.


Zeno by ATPI for travellers

Zeno by ATPI provides a personalised experience unique to each and every user.

Artificial intelligence enhances the booking experience by recalling their seat preferences, favourite departure airport and preferred
hotels, a booking tool with service parallel to
that of an offline consultant.

The Zeno by ATPI chatbot is available to help book trips, and if you need to talk to your servicing team, the chat functionality will
enable you to do that.



Zeno by ATPI for travel bookers

Zeno by ATPI will dramatically reduce booking times in comparison to existing online booking platforms, with the use of the marketplace all travel arrangements can be made in one place.

Because the tool has the ability to book scheduled and low cost carriers in one
itinerary, availability concerns are long gone.

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In this article we detail the paradox between traveller and travel manager in the fight for traveller satisfaction whilst retaining corporate compliance and how the solutions Zeno by ATPI provide to resolve these struggles plus much more. 

The Story of Zeno by ATPI

Watch this short video to discover how the smartest booking tool in the world was created and developed.

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